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La Mer Winter Wonderland


Immerse in LA MER’s Winter Wonderland in Haitang Bay where wishes of creme come true for one and all.



Guided by hope and luminosity of a shooting star, we’re embarking on a endless journey to discover magical gifting in Haitang Bay. Here, we unlock the mysteries of nature in the icy cave of wonders.

Other work

Burger King Get Lucky
Burger King Get Lucky

InsightGen Zs are rewriting traditional identity narratives and defining a new set of rules that are ever-evolving. Brand choice is an extension of who they are and what they stand for.  Brands need to actively challenge outdated identity tropes, reconstructing new...

Burger King Taste of Singapore
Burger King Taste of Singapore

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Burger King Korean Dynamite
Burger King Korean Dynamite

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St. Ives  Scrub 101
St. Ives Scrub 101

InsightEveryone’s skin is unique, just like every St. Ives scrub. But there’s a scrub out there that’s perfect for you on your skin. IdeaWith nature on your side, we’ll help you find your perfect scrub that will help you achieve clearer and brighter skin with each...