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Burger King Get Lucky


Gen Zs are rewriting traditional identity narratives and defining a new set of rules that are ever-evolving. Brand choice is an extension of who they are and what they stand for. 

Brands need to actively challenge outdated identity tropes, reconstructing new ones for a new generation and becoming more inclusive. 


At Burger King, we believe in reshaping tradition and Ultimate Yuzu and Pineapple Starbuys are our own way of bringing real luck and huat into our consumers’ lives with real authentic food. Ditch the ‘Traditional Orange’ and meet our Modern Yuzu. This year, don’t just wish for luck, make your own luck with Ultimate Yuzu! 

By the end of the Chinese New Year (CNY), the campaign had reached over 220K viewers, with the sticker pack generating the highest engagement rate in the campaign.

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