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Burger King Taste of Singapore


Singapore is unique in its own right. We have built for ourselves a land where people of different races, languages, flavours and religion can all call home and unitedly identify ourselves as Singaporeans.

On National Day, it doesn’t matter who we are individually. Singaporeans come together in harmony to celebrate as one Singapore.



On our nation’s 56th birthday, we set aside our differences and stood united with Singaporeans who had kept their spirits up and passions burning since the pandemic began in 2020. To do so, we relaunched an old favourite, Rendang Burger, and positioned it an iconic munch that unites taste buds with its harmony of flavours.

By the end of the campaign, we had generated over 80K views and a reach of over 370K. Additionally, compared to the campaign that was launched directly before, this campaign received 5 times more views and impressions, with the best performing static post performing 7 times the static post average engagement rate.

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