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A Digital Pantry Served Up

Apr 21, 2022

COVID-19 crisis has put the hustle of F&B businesses to a halt, yet digitising and expediting its evolution overnight to accommodate the changing relationship to how food is presented. Food today allow consumers to travel with their tastebuds and staying entertained without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

So, how can the F&B brands cope? 

As consumers rely heavily on the social platforms for recommendations and to discover dining options, it is important that brands ensure they can be found online. Brands that haven’t been focusing on their online and social branding can take this chance to re-evaluate their digital platforms.

What are the possible types of digital content that F&B businesses should focus on to continuously keep traction and their key consumers engaged?

  1. Connect with their fans and audiences online with 2-way conversations. Keeping the brand at the forefront on their consumers minds and presenting themselves as experts in their individual categories. 

  2. Make their product/service relevant during the lock down. Brands can leverage on current trends (ie. comfort baking and cooking, home based exercising, etc.) to sell their products creatively and connect with the community. 

  3. Get involved with the local community. Showing that the business cares also increases positive sentiment toward the brand with minimal cost. 


Embrace and optimise the opportunity through digitisation.